Why a mobile a workforce?

mobile-workforceAccording to Techopedia “a mobile workforce refers to a group of employees who are scattered across various physical locations and are connected by computers, smartphones and other devices via the global Internet”.

With increased connectivity and computer technology mobile employees are on the increase. Long back you were expected to commute to work, to perform all the task, once you left work, the task was done until you came back into the office the next day.

The era of 9-5 working is over. Thanks to laptops, smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi, that has all changed. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can file reports, hold meetings, edit proposals and complete practically all of your work tasks remotely.

It’s no secret that our portable devices have changed the way we work, live and learn. They still are changing things, whether we like it or not. Mobile isn’t a trend, it’s a new reality, and those that plan for it will reap the rewards. Work doesn’t always happen at work or inside the cubicle. It happens everywhere. Even office workers who follow a routine 9-to-5 schedule get most work done outside the office.

Let’s look at the benefits of a mobile workforce

  1. Staff Motivaton.The ability to use mobile technology to work remotely is now a powerful motivator for staff. Consultancy firm PwC found that employees offered the ability to work from home were 48pc more likely to rate their job satisfaction as 10/10.
  2. Increased Productivity. A recent study indicated that the amount of time spent consuming digital media on mobile devices had overtaken desktop browsing. This on-the-go attitude has spilt into professional lives. Employers are clearly catching on to this and embracing the ideas that mobile working can help support more productive, enthusiastic businesses.
  3. Mobility. Mobility has become synonymous with productivity both inside and outside the workplace, and the mass adoption of mobile technology has cultivated an environment where workers expect to leverage mobile technology at work.
  4. Knowledge Access. The workplace, including the training department, is being shaped by the demands of the mobile workforce. Employees no longer keep office hours and prefer to complete tasks on the road and from home. Laptop-toting professionals and workers tied to their Internet-enabled devices are looking for ways to increase their productivity. They are expecting to access knowledge right away, at the point of need, wherever they are, and all done simply in the palm of their hand and at the touch of a button.

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Do you have any suggestions on what you think on a mobile workforce?

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