Understanding information breach in organization


Information breach can best be explained by a situation where sensitive, confidential data has been leaked or hacked, viewed, or used by an unauthorized person or body without acknowledging the source of the content.

Organizations that suffer a data breach not only lose confidential information but their reputation and productivity is also affected.

How can Organizations Prepare their Employees to Control Data Breaches? 

If you take a closer look at the root cause of the problem, you will find that employees are the weakest link in the context of data breaches. It is not only because they are unaware of the regulations and their corresponding responsibilities, but they also don’t know the implications of data breaches. They lack the awareness that a simple laundering of confidential data results in hefty losses worth millions, billions, or even trillions.

The Next Step…

Employees need to be educated on practicing and reinforcing the data protection process of his or her organization. To create this awareness among employees, effective information security awareness training is a must.

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