3 challenges of employee onboarding.

onboardManaging new employees can be problematic. A new employee joins an organization feels bright and enthusiastic on first days but after few weeks they begin to fade.

Most companies just don’t do onboarding well, and this trends happens even to larger, more established companies.

People drive business outcomes of the company, therefore onboarding is not about getting new employee paperwork completed the first day, it is empowering the new employee with the tools and knowledge to thrive in his/her new organization.

Let’s look at some of the onboarding problems

Time constraints.

Onboarding process is time consuming to most HR managers and Non HR Staff. A recent study by ServiceNow revealed that Nine out of ten managers regularly spend significant amounts of time on administrative tasks, including onboarding, significantly limiting the time and energy they have for other strategic work.

Multiple departments involved causing frustration and bottlenecks.

Even though the HR team is often the department that champions the importance of onboarding and is therefore tasked with keeping others accountable, the other departments must embrace the process and make it their own, too. For instance think about the last time you brought in someone new. Chances are good you called in help from HR and Legal to sort out the offer letter, contract, and IT to get a new computer and email address; Operations to get a security badge; and perhaps a handful of other departments, depending on your business.

As more departments are involved the onboarding process becomes cumbersome, complex and frustrating. 69% of managers describe onboarding as time-consuming and 49% say it’s frustrating!

Undermining automation processes

Most onboarding process is done manually through spreadsheet, sending emails and filing paperwork in cabinets. One big step is to move away from email and individual checklists and spreadsheets and to take a more collaborative approach. Efficiency and productivity can be realized with onboarding apps.


Having a single system to integrate all onboarding-related forms, tasks and activities can fix many other problems and at the very least free up time to address the other more strategic aspects of the onboarding process.

With our support tools you can refine your onboarding process and you can finally close the books on the mystery of the new hire blues.

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